Get the latest breaking news, features, photos and videos from the Maldives through the Vnews iPhone application.

News & Features

By downloading the app, users would be able to browse and read stories from categories such as Local, Business, Sports, Entertainment, World and Etc.

Push Notifications

Our push notifications give you the ultimate personalizing experience with the ability to choose between Dhivehi, English and Sports news. Users also have the option to decide to receive the notifications in Thaana or Latin.

Thaana Font Pack

The app also comes along with an option to install a Thaana Font Pack, enabling Thaana support to all other iPhone apps, such as Facebook and Twitter.


Veegothaky, an initiative by Vnews aims to bring crowd based journalism into the Maldivian society. With a simple one click registration through Facebook, users would be able to submit their own stories.